Lenka Gurecká  

Trainer und Coach

Stein Training team member, Lenka Gurecká, born 1977 former employee and business partner of domestic and multinational companies for international and domestic trade. 14 years of experience in trade relations and negotiations. Pupil and a graduate of Mr. Hartmut Stein in the business area and now coach and the trainer for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Career path – the path for the trainer led track through the clerk, customs service officer, assistant, telesales member, sales representative, external business partner for international companies and local media. On the recommendation of media and their needs for trainings transfer to trainer and coach career.

Trainer with a great sense of humor and kind human attitude, lots of stories of experience and talent to convey enthusiasm to the sales team.

Key Areas
Sales- & Customer Service Trainings and Coaching

Traning Language
Czech and Slovak

Active in countries
Czech Republic and Slovakia